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Yesterday I got asked the most popular question I would get addressed with working within the industry I do.

“Do Fat Burners really work?”

In fact, it’s quite like asking me if your car works?

Well yes, my car works. But to make my car drive I need to have the following factors to ensure the task is performed.

I need to put the keys in and start the car, The car needs to have fuel in the tank to run, Your engine needs to be in working order to accelerate the vehicle, you need to shift into the drive to move forward, You need to push your foot on the throttle to increase the revs to power the car.

So when people ask if “does fat burners work”, yes they WORK. However, they are only a tiny piece of the puzzle. 

Think about fat burners just like the fuel to your car.

You NEED all factors to be in working order to get the result.

Just like the keys to your car, you must first ensure your diet and eating is on track.

No fat burner is going to compensate for a shitty diet. 

If your engine has no spark plugs it won’t run, If you cannot commit to regular exercise and movement the fat burner isn’t going to shred body fat is you’re sitting on your ass doing nothing. 

So yes, Fat burners do work, but they only work if YOU PUT IN THE WORK. 

Comprende amigo?

In easier terminology; A fat burner is basically an assistant towards your end goal. 

Kind of like putting rocket boots on your car to win a street race. 

You can most definitely win the street race without the booster, but the rockets just HELP.

You can lose weight quite easily and successfully WITHOUT a fat burner, however, it will aid you. 

I write up specific supplement plans for all of my team members that wish to buy supplements.
The plan shows what supplement to take (with a picture), at what time, and why to take it.

If you want help with supplementation I’m your guy.  

Did you know the ingredient L-Carnitine helps the body produce energy and shifts fatty acids?

No? I didn’t expect you too because that’s why I’m here.

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