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Tuesday’s are now souly dedicated to the markets and food shopping. I am going to call it Market Tuesdays and every Tuesday send you a list of what we buy.

For those of you not living in Adelaide I feel sorry for you, because there is nothing more elite and fresh then the Adelaide Central Markets. If I could pick my favourite place in SA that would be it hands down.

I still can’t stress how fresh and decent the produce is, it absolutely shits on any other fruit and veg you buy from the super markets.

The other night I made a massive tray of roasted vegetables and the best thing is for an entire bowl of vegetables it was probably a MAX of 300 calories.

Living a healthier lifestyle isn’t hard. In fact it’s that easy that we go out of our way just to make things hard for ourselves.

Because for some stupid reason in this generation people think that if something is easy it isn’t right.

Which is ridiculous.

Not only does shopping locally in fruit markets save so much money but also limits out to buying snacks and shit food when you’re shopping.

Another reason why I like the markets so much is because it is very hard to buy unhealthy snacks that you find in boxes and packages. Things like chocolate bars, and packages of chips, cookies and high processed foods is just something they don’t sell.

It’s all natural, organic and fresh produce. With a few baked goods here and there.

This helps me eliminate buying food that I don’t want just because I am hungry at the time, Instead I fill up on fruits and vegetables to cook and prepare when i’m not.

No temptation at home means no snacking.

It’s a win win scenario.

Joining my online program comes with a fully customisable diet plan that is stored on your app 24/7. You can open up your app and look at the shopping list I set you and recommendations of what foods to buy.

And if you are lucky enough to be living near the markets I will give you a shopping list of where all the hidden treasures are 😂

If my online program isn’t something you want to commit too (for whatever silly reason, who doesn’t want to lose weight and look that little better and still eat pizza?) I do write one off nutrition guides that I would be more then happy to do for you.

For further questions reply to this email and let’s see how I can help…

Peace ✌️ 


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