Apple Cider Vinegar My Ass 🤢

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There are so many dieting techniques out there that people and “personal trainers” are just confusing the fuck out of people to make a bit of $$.

I had a good conversation with one of my team members this morning around Apple Cider Vinegar and to whether it should be incorporated into your daily diet to burn fat.

First of all, my diet plans aren’t no Michelle Bridges style shit. My diet plans are simple and effective.

They work.

You can eat your favourite foods and still lose weight without having to worry about complex and simple carbohydrates, Eating windows and fasting, calculating specific macro numbers and hitting them, Amino spiking, juice cleansing, refeed, carb cycling, 3 shots of apple cider vinegar in the morning, all this crazy non sense. 

I do the science and the thinking so you don’t have too!

All you need to do is follow my meal plan with measurements of each ingredient, a rough time to eat them, and still enjoy your favourite foods (Just a little less of it)

Let me gather a clear statement for you which I have said MANY times before.

There is only one way to lose weight. And it’s as simple as that, one single way.

Eat in a calorie deficit.

That is how you lose weight. So why are people making it so complicated and introducing these random ass techniques like skipping breakfast every day of your life (Fasting). Because this HELPS your body get into a deficit.

But trainers and coaches make up this special bullshit so they can sell you they one way ticket program to shredding fat.

I am giving you the secret right here. Free of charge 😂

Eat a little less then you usually do, and move a little more than what you usually do.  

If you can manage to incorporate that one sentence into your everyday life I promise you that you will lose fat. 

If this is your food:
Eat 1 cookie – Have half a cookie instead
Usually eat two chicken wraps for dinner – have one
Cut out soft drink completely 
Anything in a package stop eating
Out for dinner – Ask for a doggy bag straight away and half your meal. Have the other half for lunch the next day.
Like ice cream after dinner? Use a cup as your bowl instead of eating out the tub.

It’s so easy, you just make it hard for yourself.

Throw the apple cider vinegar in the bin and just eat a little less and more a little more.

If you are interested in developing a flexible diet plan and routine, check out my website for my services

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