Struggle Town… 💭💭

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I recently asked my team on our private Facebook what do they struggle with most when it comes to achieving their body composition goals.


Whether it be the actual training, following the diet plan or not being sure what to do.


The reason I asked them this question is because believe it or not I was in that exact position.


But ever since applying myself to a task for over 6 years of constant learning and growing I now understand what needs to be done to achieve your certain goal.


I also sometimes forget to explain the simple things to my team, Things that are no brainers for me but still confusing to other people.


Which is fine,


Because I can’t use a drill to save my fucking life,


But I’m damn good at writing up an exercise program to help you smash your goals.


I know the anatomy of a back squat like the back of my hand,


But ask me to put oil in your car and I won’t have a clue what to do? Like olive oil or vegetable oil? 😂


The point I am getting at is we all have different skillsets and different strengths.


One of my team members Zaine is an extremely successful businessman working within a multi-millionaire company, but just quietly has zero idea of nutrition.


However, if the roles were reversed; I wouldn’t last a single hour in his job.


We are all unique and special in different ways.


And everybody needs a different pathway to achieve their body composition goals.

(Body composition btw means how you physically look)


That’s why I am here, and why I have developed a program to help you achieve your goals with your own pathway.


I write all my programs and plans from scratch so they fit YOUR lifestyle and we work on YOUR weaknesses.


This isn’t a one-off Instagram 12 week belly loss program.


I work my ass off so you can be the best version of yourself.


When I work with my clients, I pride myself in really getting to the core of who you are and guiding them through the real, no BS work required to understand themSELVES at the deepest level, and then, we work through a process to then use that to discover our deepest purpose and the day-to-day steps to achieve your dream body comp.


So I have a question for you.


Does that align with you?


Your journey will always be YOUR journey, and all I do is get you on your feet.


That’s what my online academy is about.


I have seats open for my online app full of exercises, diet plans and goal setting for you to follow along.


Or I have some spots for face to face sessions.


Either way. If you’re 100% committed to the process. I’m 100% committed to getting you there. 🔥🔥🔥


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