Mental Health, a trend? ❌

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There are so many resources out there to assist with mental health and prevention.

There has never been more support and more charities then what there is now, EVER. There has never been more awareness about mental health but the numbers are still going up! Not down! 

I am passionate about this.

It’s true right, the numbers are going up and there has NEVER been so much support but nothing is changing, it’s all getting worse. 

The biggest thing I see, the reason why people are so exhausted all the time, so angry and frustrated all the time is because they expect everybody else to fit their pictures in their hands to how people should behave, what they should like, what they should believe and what they should and shouldn’t do. 


Say someone puts up a post saying “I felt down today”, Guarantee in the comments people are saying ‘Me too’, or ‘My day was worse’.

Now that’s a big call, but it’s fucking true.

Labelling yourself as mentally unstable is becoming a form of a trend and it’s disgusting. People are throwing around the word depression way to easy to find and seek quick and easy attention.

I strongly believe that we need to change this, because where we are heading in society is becoming quite concerning.

We should be celebrating small goals on social media and praising all of the achievements we managed to do during the day or the week.

This quick attention is just making poor mental health seem acceptable.

When people’s livelihoods are suffering immensely from it.

It’s okay to have rough patches here and there, but there is no need to be posting it on social media labelling that you’re in a terrible spot.

There are hotlines for this. People literally getting paid to help you out.

I have a 2 week trial of online personal training for $1. And during these 2 weeks we will be setting goals around mentality and be carefully looking at what is bothering us and how we can overcome the mountains.

I am bringing the personal back into PT, and it has never been more important than now.

Give me $1 and I could completely change your well-being.

$1 and 14 days.

That’s all I need.

Stay peaceful  ✌️ 


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