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A famous quote that I follow very closely goes like this:

“Your personality creates your personal reality”

What you perceive in life is what comes to your reality, it seems like some real hippie shit BUT it couldn’t be more true.

Think of it this way; If you always see the positive in life in every situation your reality will be nothing but a pleasant fulfilled life. The personality you have created by just being positive has then developed a positive reality.

“Thoughts become things” – Kai Greene

If you create such a negative cloud around your life and always highlight the things that go wrong, your reality will produce nothing but bad karma. Bad zen, bad energy. Which turns out to a bad reality, you seem to highlight all of the things going wrong. 

“Thoughts become things” – Kai Greene

To create the best reality we need to learn to be our best selves.

“Your personality creates your personal reality”

So what are some practical tools we could do to achieve this? What could we do TODAY to create better realities?

 πŸ”…Practice gratitude writing, understand what we have, what is good, what isn’t so bad.

πŸ”… Incorporate regular zero distraction exercise. Meaning participle in exercise without your phone, without tv, just you, your mind, bdoy and soul.

πŸ”… Listen to motivation podcasts to inchance further learning and better thinking, I recommend the Corey Boutwell Podcast.

πŸ”… Start loosening the grips on life. Not your hustle and business, but life. Enjoy the small things. Be appreciative for the air you breathe, the food you smell, the sound of the wind in your ears, the touch of the dirt on your feet, the energy of the earth flowing through you, coffee, going for a walk. 

πŸ”…Have great loving sex.

πŸ”… Fill your body with nutritiously powerful foods. Superfoods. AND eat less shit

πŸ”… Read more, learn more, and love more.

πŸ”… Cut out alcohol and drugs. It serves zero purpose 

Incorporating these things will produce a better reality.

Trust me.


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