Anxiety, what of it? 🤯

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When coaching my team during our 1 on 1 sessions, one of my upmost important topics we talk about is mentality and how we feel as one being on this earth.

Things that we are grateful for, things that we are not so grateful for, topics on our mind that are stressing us out and how we can overcome these situations

It’s something I am very passionate about, training our minds as well as our bodies.

Every day should be brain and heart day.

I had a great conversation this morning and last night about anxiety. In fact I have this fucking conversation everyday, but i’m not complaining. I love talking and discussing what makes us feel uncomfortable. It just scares me how often I hear “I have anxiety”.

Anxiety is a man made emotion. 

You can argue with me all you want and have a little cry and start a protest; but that’s what it is.

A created emotion in your head of a reality that YOU created.

The brain is a very powerful thing, so powerful it can cause us to fear things that hasn’t even happened yet or could possibly never happen.

You are quite literally getting anxious over something that might not even happen.

In saying this, I know anxiety is a serious thing, and a lot of people suffer from this.

I have one piece of advice that will completely change your life, you don’t need medication, drugs, therapy, or anything other stimulants.

The one and only way to stop anxiety…

Is to fucking stop.

That is literally it.


Stop stressing about things that haven’t happened. Stop turning your personality into someone who gets anxious over future events (once again) THAT HAVE NOT EVEN HAPPENED.

If you don’t believe me that it’s that easy to eliminate anxiety completely join my team and I will teach you how.

All you need is an open mind and a willingness to let things go.

I’m going to leave you there.

Here is my number
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If you need to talk. I am here.

LB ☮️


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