Accepting Criticism 🦻🏻

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How are you at accepting or taking criticism? 

Infact it can be a quite daunting and scary thing for some individuals; and some, avoid it at all costs.

I am not talking about feedback, more criticism.



the expression of disapproval of someone or something on the basis of perceived faults or mistakes.

So taken the definition above we can assume that 99% of criticism is someone or something calling you out for something that you can possible do better, or outlining something that you are not doing to standard.

Even constructive criticism can be a scary thing to take on board.

It’s quite a slap across the face with your ego really.

When you believe you are performing a task to your standard and then a hierarchy telling you that it doesn’t meet the right standard.

Personally, I think without criticism we cannot develop as better souls. 

If you continue to live your life with no regards or to “your standards” and avoid criticism at all costs, how do you expect to grow and become better?

You never know you are doing something wrong until someone tells you.

How we go about taking this feedback is essential too.

A skill that you need to learn is the ability to take it on board and work towards being better; not just defending yourself and not listening to the advice. 

Majority of the time the feedback will probably be right.

Let’s jump into a scenario….

Your boss calls you into the office for a chat. You sit down in the office and they lay out some tasks or jobs that you haven’t been precise with or they are not happy with.

This is where your mindset goes into some form of “flight or fight response”. 

I can guarantee that the majority of you will defend yourself, build up a wall of china and deny all of your actions.


You can sit back, let your ego get kicked down, take on the advice and continue to improve and be better.

That’s what living is about right? Becoming 1% better than what you were yesterday?

If you continue to be 1% better each and every day after 100 days then in 3 months you will be 100% better.

I challenge you to seek criticism, don’t run from it. Because no one gets anywhere in their comfort zone.

Step outside, seek that advice so you can become better.

It all starts with sending an email or message to your “upper”.

‘Good Morning, I value your opinion and I am seeking for criticism. What can I do better to improve my performance and what are some of my faults’

Yes it will be hard to read and accept.

But that is how we grow.

Change the way you live.



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