The Warmer Weather is Coming ☀️

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I am not a fan of the warm weather. Typically I like the cooler weather more. I like the rain and the cold, I also love wearing hoodies which is why I enjoy the colder weather. (I still have some LB vintage hoodies available up for grabs as well, these hoodies are light and perfect for summer 


So what are some things we can do to prep our bodies for summer!?

–  Start incorporating more water. With the weather warming up we are more likely to be dehydrated and most of us already don’t drink enough water. We can add things like zero sugar cordial, fresh lemon, BCAAs and other things to help us drink more.

– Vitamin D. Get outside and enjoy the weather. Vitamin D can help us strengthen our bones, reduce the risk of getting sick, and it has huge benefits on your mentality also.

– Getting a gym membership. Everyone wants that rocking summer body, and obviously one of the first steps we can do is sign up to a gym or use the gym membership we have even more. Maybe it’s time to book a PT to get you kick started. Or come and see me and I can write you up a summer body program. 

– Start tidying up your diet. Now this might sound scary to some but the word “diet” doesn’t always have to be feared. It starts with things like eating one salad with a meal a day. You can fill it with things like watermelon, mango, strawberries, cucumbers, lettuce, fresh tomatoes or sun dried, olives, Beetroot and avo! Make it exciting. Try and limit your “sometimes” foods to one thing a day. This way you can still enjoy your favourite chocolate and cake, but limit yourself to smaller portions. 

Just doing some of these tips will get you ready for summer.





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