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During yet another cardio session today I was looking through netflix seeing what I should binge watch next to get me through my 45 minutes and I come across a documentary called the Social Dilemma.

I have heard of people speak of this and recommend it so I decided to watch it.


What a watch it was. Scary. Like really scary. The documentary explained how powerful social media was and how overpowering it is in this time and age. The ability to glue us to our screens, reading our data and creating virtual holograms of us. Reading all our algorithms through what we press on our facebook, the posts that we like, and they can even gather how much time we spend looking at each post.

Social media is like a real life jail.

And I know this. In fact i’ve known this for quite some time now. Being a Fitness Professional I see on the daily how clients are always narrow eyed towards what they should look like because of what social media how told them. This is how you should look, this is what you should eat etc etc etc.

But this documentary goes absolutely BALLS DEEP into what goes on in the background. Things that I have never even thought was possible. And some of the things that these developers admitted really did scare the shit out of me. 

I am not going to rant on for too long about this topic, but it was interesting to listen to the developers quite literally saying sorry for what they have done with social media. They confess on things like using our patterns and algorithms to sell us products.

My gathering from the film is to learn how to switch off from the virtual world.

I want to ask you a question.

How many of you can comfortably go to bed with your phone on charge in the kitchen or another room? 

For real though, It is insane to thing it becomes an uncomfortable state not being with your phone in reach. 

I want you guys to try and turn off your phone tonight at 8pm, and not look at the screen until the next morning, I can guarantee 90% of you will FAIL.

Go watch the documentary on Netlfix. It is definitely worth your time.

Until tomorrow…


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