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How do you like to spend your Sundays?

I typically use my Sundays to chase up on things I didn’t get done during the week. Once I catch up with all the tasks I didn’t complete then I move onto focusing preparing myself for the up coming weeks.

Here are some of my habits I have built for my Sundays:
1. Go for a long walk outside and appreciate the fact I can still walk and enjoy the outdoors. (this also beats 1 hour on the treadmill staring at a wall)
2. Gather all my weekly invoices and send them off. Usually I like to put on a movie in the background so I can relax and take my time getting it done.
3. Cook some food for the week. Sunday’s are the best days for meal prepping. This way you have no excuses during the week for missing out on a healthy meal or lunch for work.
4. I plan all my clients sessions for the week. But you can get out a piece of paper and plan 3 workouts you want to try this week and for what time. Plan to succeed!
5. Reading. I try to read for at least 30 minutes everyday Sunday, and I give myself this short window of time to learn and apply something new.
6. I drink LOTS of coffee. I love coffee so why not?
7. The most important of them all. I set my 3 goals for this coming week and write them down.

Then I learn how to switch off and relax. It is so important to learn how to reconnect with yourself and reflect on your previous week. This is how we grow as people and realise what we need to work on to improve.

Some of these habits you can incorporate today, and by slowly doing these things each and every Sunday you will build a habit. 


And that is my typically Sunday.

I will be in the gym tomorrow during the long weekend, what a perfect day to start PT sessions or to book in.

Reply to this email and we can book a sesh!

Talk soon

Love always
LB 👋


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