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What is your goal?

Is it detailed?

Take a moment and list three (3) things you want to accomplish, then draft an actionable plan to accomplish these goals  —  including a deadline and reward.

Write your goal as ONE (1) sentence answering ALL of these questions.

1. Goal – What do you want to accomplish? How? By When? With Who? Make sure your goal is realistic and achievable within the time frame you’ve given yourself.

2. Gather Resources – What physical materials or complementary skills do you need to accomplish this goal? If you don’t have immediate access to these resources, who can you bring in? List them here, how you will reach out and when?

3. Set Your Plan – You have to build a plan that works for you. Some people will thrive by thinking the whole operation out and dedicating time to each specific step throughout their goal. Others need to focus on the next immediate steps before addressing the bigger picture. Remember, when drafting your plan, do it according to what will work for you. There’s no wrong way to go about this.

4. Decide Your Reward – It doesn’t have to be huge, but the reward should reflect the work put in. You tackled a goal. Enjoy yourself so you can refresh before starting the next.

5. Track Your Progress – Figure out what checkpoints are en route to the goal so you can know how much of a dent you’ve made in your work.

You can have the greatest ship in the world, with the best captain and the best crew, but with no goal: the ship will never reach its destination. But forever floating around. 


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