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As Eminem once said “Guess who’s back, Back again?’

Lochie’s back.

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Guess who’s back, Guess who’s back, Guess who’s back, Guess who’s back…

HOLY SHIT. What a long ass 20 weeks that was. Yesterday was show day. The event of the gods. The final hour, the final event, the big job

Today’s email is going to be a recap of my prep, a bit of a long one so if you’re interested go make a coffee, sit down in your favourite chair and let’s get into it.

If you can’t spare 20 minutes to read about my journey, I’ll see you in tomorrows email 


Lochie’s Prep 2020.

So first of all what is a bodybuilding show? A bodybuilding show is an event where athletes take place to step on a stage usually in a theatre of an entertainment centre to show off all of their hard work. Whether it be bodybuilding (the judgment of pure muscle mass and minimal fat), Physique (the development of a “model” look) or bikini (shining beauty) and all the other divisions,

Athletes usually put their bodies through hell for 12-20 weeks of very intense dieting, hardcore training sessions, hours and hours and hours of cardio, and to be honest strict isolation from the world.

All for 5 minutes on the stage to go through a series of poses to show off your muscles.

It is essentially a model show. Judges compare athletes on who looks better. Who has the less amount of fat and the most amount of muscle.

My passion is bodybuilding. The main objective of my class is to step on stage with a little body fat as possible with the most amount of muscle. We wear “togs” on stage, which is essentially a g-string. Bodybuilding is the class of the gods. Standing on stage with a piece of fabric covering your junk. There is no hiding. No misconceiving.

It is full-on raw. No hiding behind a filter or photoshop. It is a hardcore battle on stage for who is the best.

So over the last 20 weeks, this has been my day. AND take into consideration, this was my day EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail for over 120 days.

4am: Wake up, 60 minutes of cardio on an empty stomach (bike or treadmill)
5am: Breakfast and posing
6am: Clients and work
11:30am: Meal 1, work and clients
Around midday 2 hours of intense weight training
1:30pm: Meal 2 work, clients
4:30pm: Meal 3, work clients 
6:30pm: Finish work, meal 4, cook meals for the next day
8pm: 1 hour of cardio posing shower bed.

EVERY. SINGLE DAY. Saturday, Sunday, Public holidays, Easter, Birthday, Day of the breakup with my girlfriend, loss of job, injury, rain, heat, sickness, on holidays, Every day without fail. 

Breakfast: 50g Oats w water, 1 cup egg whites
Meal 1: 150g Fish, 250g White Potatoes
Meal 2: 150g Fish, 250g White Potatoes
Meal 3: 150g Fish, 250g White Potatoes 
Meal 4: 300ml Egg whites and a little dash of sauce.

No cheat meals. What you see above is all I ate.
No fruit.
No yogurts.
No steaks.
No chicken.

20 weeks.

Can you see where I am getting here? I was in a repeating living hell. All for 5 minutes on the stage to show South Australia what I’ve worked for.

So how did I feel?
Let’s count down

Weeks 1-6: Feeling good, lots of cravings because I cut out all the food, lots of energy, feeling okay. 
Weeks 6-12: Feeling hungry and sore, starting to go to bed hungry, cardio is getting harder and harder, feet are feeling heavy, no social life. Gym is still okay.
Week 12-16: Feeling 6 feet underground, no energy, cardio is dreadful, training is getting harder and harder. No energy at work or with clients, I can’t stand for any longer than 30 minutes tops. Food is getting boring and I get stomach cramps in the morning.
Week 16-19: I feel like I am actually dying. ZERO energy, No sex drive, watching a sex scene on TV made me feel sick, Craving not sweet foods I just miss being full. Holding in my pee at night to the point I have a tummy ache because I have no energy to get up. Sleeping during the day and all night. I can’t have my phone in my pocket because it’s too heavy. I can’t stand for longer than 5 minutes. I try to avoid conversations because the talking is too hard.

SO yes, It was fucking hard.

And now it’s all over and I am eating bacon and eggs writing this email in an amazing cafe.

This show has definitely pushed me to my ABSOLUTE limit. And I have lost lots of friends, respect, relationships, clients, work and respect, Because I was so laser-focused on winning.

But that’s how it is, Bodybuilding is a selfish sport.

Straight after the show Mum and I went to the Vegan festival and I ate almond croissants, donuts, and heaps of vegan food and it was incredible. However my hormones are very out of whack, my testosterone is dangerously low, and my digestive enzymes are so sensitive that eating an apple makes me feel sick. So I will be careful this week and still follow my diet and just add some foods here and there and let my body rest.

Anyways, I could type for hours but I want to go shopping. 


SO I might leave it there, and if you have any specific questions reply to this email and I can explain more about my bodybuilding career.

To all of those who were so unlucky to put up with me, thank you for your support.


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