Another Victim 🚨

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Yet another victim fell this morning.

I had a session with one of my team members this morning and the first thing he said to me was “i’ve fucked up”.

As a personal trainer if I had a dollar for everytime I heard this sentence I would be dan rich.

I already know the most answers coming from this conversation and I can usually assume what they have done “wrong”.

From the start of my sessions with new clients I always suggest not using the scales unless I say it is okay or if you are in our session, because they can be very daunting and the scales are quite literally just a number.

This person was up 250g and went down a rabbit hole of binge eating and spirling the diet out of the window.




And that was enough to throw in the towel and say fuck this?

I have 2 things I have to share with you. Actually three but you will have to read the whole email for the 3rd.

1. A glass of water weighs 250g. If you drank a glass of water and then stepped on the scales you are going to weigh more. The scales does not show or define how ‘fat’ you are. It is a sheer measurement of your gravitational force. THAT IS IT.

2. There are going to be bumps and growth in your weight loss journey. Big ones and small ones. I’ve recently been invested into the stock market and investing in crypto currency. The numbers always chance. Up 5%, down 15%, up 20 %, down 10%, up 25%, down 10 %, Up 30%, down 15%.

Always changing, but always slightly going up. Over a series of ups and downs over a long period of time. It’s the same with your weight loss journey.

The scales are just a number and shouldn’t define your progress and success.

I have clients that won’t lose a single kilo in 3 months but go down 3 jean sizes and tell me they are wearing clothes they haven’t in years.

But the scales never change.

Use the scales as a reference and nothing more, there will be ups and downs.

However. If it is something you are seriously concerned about and you just want those numbers down (this is where option number 3 comes in) I have completely slashed my online personal trainer prices more than half price.

It took me a while to cut my prices down and cut my ego, but if I can help more people and be at loss at money then i’m okay with that.

Let’s just hope my crypto coins go up in price so I can afford rent 😂

But seriously, link is here, save yourself literally $500.

– LB 🙌


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