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I am excited to build a lifestyle culture that is encouraging and inviting to anyone who strives for good health and fitness. I see a facility in the future that is functional and caters for those who are dedicated to seeing results in their life, whether they are just starting on their fitness journey or have been ‘living and breathing’ good fitness for years.

I am pleased to share with you the techniques I have learnt, and the tips I have picked up along my own journey of great health and fitness. I will share my knowledge of Fat loss, Weight training, Cardiovascular training, Muscular Development & Toning, Specialized Diet Advice, Nutrition & Supplementation Recommendations. Alongside your commitment, I will help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

I was recently awarded state champion in ICN Bodybuilding competition and I am excited to show you the best fat loss techniques.

In my experience, it is most beneficial to set goals that are achievable but still push you to strive for that goal, and to celebrate every achievement along your journey.

Let’s get to work!

My Health & Fitness Services

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Personal Training & Coaching

Take your training to a new level with 1 on 1 sessions.

Group Fitness Classes

Take part of my group fitness classes and achieve your goal with the LB team.

Nutrition & Meal Plans

Learn how to incorporate your favourite foods and still gather results. With Macro break down and healthy recipes.

Online Training

Train in your OWN time with 24/7 online support for the gym and at home.

Get Branded

Visit my online store and look awesome while you train.

Singlets, Leggings & Accessories

Hoodies, Performance Tees & Accessories

Hats, Backpacks, Towels, Supplements & Much More!

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Belinder KClient
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I am a person that needs pushing and confidence in my own physical abilities – Lochie challenged me to believe in my abilities and push through the mental hurdle. The benefits of personal training with Lochie go far beyond, physical fitness with weekly goal setting and positive mindset mentoring.
Ant AClient
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I joined with Lochie a year ago I commenced with Lochie after winning a 45 min free PT. Since then I have never looked backed. Lochie has helped me mentally and physically and with weight loss and strength. I suffer from arthritis, osteoporosis and I can’t believe how great i feel and how far I have come from been pain free since working with Lochie. I will forever be grateful to Lochie for the way he cares and all the time he puts into our session. I know that I can message Lochie anytime of the day or night for any advice. Nothing is too hard for Lochie. Thanks Lochie 😊
Ashleigh AClient
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I'm not going to lie, as someone getting back into fitness after such a long break. It was hard. The classes were intense. It pushed me to places physically and mentally I hadn't been in a long time. I didn't give up! I'm so very glad every day I didn't give up! Lochie the PT has a talent for finding your breaking point, getting you to dig a little deeper and pushing yourself past to reaching an improved fitness level each week that you didn't know you had inside. Each week learning new machines, new moves, with Lochie right there for any questions, guidance and correction of technique. Many of these I have added into my regular workouts.

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